Notes on Borges’ Notes on Joyce

Emir Rodriguez Monegal.

Gerald Martin.

L.A. Murillo.

B: “Pierre Menard, Author of Don Quixote,” “Funes the Memorious.” “The Aleph.”

Mario Vargas Llosa.

John Irwin.

“The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde.

Joyce and Borges: blindness.

“Autobiographical Essay.”

Irish and Argentinian Politics.

At age 9, J and B publish.

“The Shape of the Sword.” Parnell as hero and traitor.

Black Finnegan in “Death and the Compass.”

Borges refers to Norah as “Miss Norah Healy.”

Affinity: death of a parent.

Homer, J and B: blind bards.

Daniel Balderston.

DQ = Borges. Ulysses = Joyce

Work In Progress/Obra-en-gestacion.

Ireneo Funes. Brilliant failures.

“Fragment on Joyce.”

Matei Calinescu.

The Aleph and totality.


“The pun is the philosopheme of this ear tuned to the other.” (Ulmer)

Valery Larbaud.

Samson Agonistes.

“Secular phoenish.”

B not as impressed with J’s wordplay. Other writers before J: Jules Laforgue and Lewis Carroll did “a better job” with calembours, portmanteaus, wordplay.

Beside the rivering waters of, hitherandhithering waters of Night.

[Continued here.]

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