I’m compiling FW resources and taking notes for our upcoming reading group in Brooklyn, NY.

Our next meeting will be in March 2009 at a private residence in Park Slope. 

The URL for this weblog, “Our Exagmination” refers to the 1929 symposium/collection of FW essays, “Our Exagmination Round His Factification for Incamination of Work in Progress.”

For more information, contact me at


And caveat re: the Penguin edition pictured below–Raphael writes, “After the initial publication of FW (1939), Joyce prepared a list of some 900 corrections. These were incorporated into the text on Viking and Faber-and-Faber editions (since the late 1950’s or so). For copyright reasons, the Penguin edition DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY OF THESE AUTHORIAL CORRECTIONS.”

Duly noted, my friend. On Raphael’s Fweet site, “you can find a list of all the differences between the various FW editions through the Fweet search
engine (use the “Variants” shorthand under the “Editorials” brevity on the search engine page (http://www.fweet.org/pages/fw_srch.php)).”

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  1. could you please contact me. i couldn’t find an email address on this website. i’ve been studying the wake a lot lately and i’m looking for someone to bounce ideas off of.

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