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tarabom, tarabom

Reading FW aloud makes such a difference, as Joyce noted. I’m listening to Patrick Healy’s unabridged audiobook (thanks to D) while reading.


Yeats’s Vision.

I’ve painted the following wheel as a mural in three apartments I’ve lived in. Now it’s wonderfully relevant:


B’s reading Italo Svevo.

Finished the Anderson pictorial biography. Interesting:

Paul Léon, who for many years acted as Joyce’s secretary, pointed out that ‘Mr Joyce trusts one person alone, and this person is Lucia.’ … Their psyches were strangely alike, even in some of their deviations from the ‘normal,’ at the same time as they were radically different. As Jung put it, they were both going to the bottom of a river, but Lucia was falling and Joyce was diving. What might seem to many to be ‘mental abnormality’ in Joyce’s writings, Jung said in 1932, ‘may also be a kind of mental health which is inconceivable to the average understanding.’

And from Tindall’s intro in A Reader’s Guide to FW:

Besides Webster’s dictionary the books that, writing my book, I found most useful were Clive Hart’s Concordance, which locates almost every word, David Hayman’s A First-Draft Version, which shows what the Wake was like before Joyce complicated it, and Dounia Christiani’s Scandinavian Elements.


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It’s Friday. Today’s FW thoughts:

1) Donald Barthelme’s “After Joyce” (in Not-Knowing); Joycean musicality in Barthelme’s novel, The Dead Father.

2) Marshall McLuhan’s FW quotes and Joyce discussions in War and Peace in the Global Village. Prankquean’s “Clothing As Weaponry.” Also, “Marshall McLuhan and James Joyce: Beyond Media” by Donald and Joan Theall.

3) Norman O. Brown, Apocalypse and/or Metamorphoses and Love’s Body. I remember the night I discovered Apocalypse, via Branwynne, who rang me up that evening, 12 years ago at C.U and said, “You have to see something. Come over” [paraphrased]. I was 19 years old. We sat in her room and perused his essays, specifically, “Daphne and/or Metamorphoses.” The bizarre chapter break flourishes. She asked, “Have you seen anything like it?” I sighed, “No.” But anyway, this work changed my life w/r/t Joyce and beyond.

4) I need to find my notes for Michael Seidel‘s C.U. class, “Joyce and His Contemporaries [Woolf and Beckett].” I took it in 1995, and just found out via this article, that Seidel offered an FW seminar at Columbia in 2001.

5) I ordered Tindall on Amazon today and should get Ellman [I link to this music Joyce site (which cites the Ellman biography) because it’s amazing] and McHugh out of storage.

6) Totally unrelated: my favorite future novelist Elif Batuman has a new article in the LRB and issue 7 of n+1.

7) ReJoyce: I miss Paris and Bloomsday 2008.

Here’s my Circe route in the Marais area:

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